Hello my sweet!!!

I hope our friendship will become stronger and stronger, and once, may be, will have the opportunity to see each other in reality. To speak with each other not by menace of E-mails, but looking at each other.

I want to look in your beautiful eyes deeply, to see you smiling. I want it with all my heard, believe me my dear!! I hope that you feel the same!!

Please, tell me that’s so!!

Yesterday evening I was thinking about one of the paradoxes of inter relations between Nature and human being. I noticed, when it is autumn, Nature is about to fall a sleep. Everything around is quite and calm. Leaves of all colors fall on the ground in a strange wonderful dance. And your soul does not feel anything. Your feelings sleep through the whole winter. But not only feelings. In winter everything around is locked with ice. Rivers, lakes, trees, houses and roads are covered with snow. It is rather long period of time in our country, you know.


With the first sun rays Nature starts to melt. In the end of March birds sing their spring songs at the top of their lungs. Streams flow, carrying away with them winter fetters. And human soul starts to melt too. Feelings wake up and new ones appear, no matter. And you start to breathe to your full capacity. You want to live, to love and to be loved. Your soul joins in a birds’ song that sit in the trees in front of your window. And your heart starts to beat faster and faster.

I feel something is going on in my soul. I want to be tender and gentle, like a cat. I want to have a man to love, to take care of, to be with him all the time and never leave him.

Do you want to listen to my favorite poems about love?
I think you do!!
(I also want you to tell me your favorite ones, ok? Please, my dear, do it!!)

The Poem

Into the sea I sailed my boat
And prayed that it Would stay a float
From dawn till dusk
From dusk till dawn
In search of love I drifted on
What happened then I don’t recall
I think it was A sudden squall
For when I a woke I thought I died
At the sight of an angel At my side
But lucky for me That was not true
For I found love And love was you.

(By Britney Brundage)

How do you like it, my dear?

Promise, you will write me you rfavorite poems in your next E-male, ok? So here I have to finish. I do not want it but I have, believe me, My dear!! I will impatiently wait for your

All members of my family send their best regards to you,

Blow you many kisses!!

Your loved Russian friend,

on the beach, sending me lurve... Yowzer! more puppies!