Hello Irina,

Pies – I love pies!!

I love pies that have potato on top and meat inside, in my country we call them shepherds pies, because we give them to the boys who look after our sheep!

I have attached a picture – it is me playing football (in our country, this is our national sport, and I am one of the champions – do you notice my number – 39 – it is the same as your email address – do you believe in fate? I do, and 39 is my favourite number…

I also play guitar and sing, make movies with my camera, love parties and cinema. I also surf in the ocean, I love to surf the waves, it is where I find peace.

I am going on a holiday with my family this weekend to the beach. We have a beach house by the sea and we have very big parties there!

Do you know I am living in Australia – the best place in the world to walk on the beach, we have no pollution and the air is clean, the water fresh and the people healthy. Where are you Irina?

I have no woman, my last woman broke my heart, and I need to find a beautiful lady to heal it again. Your pictures and your words touch my heart too.

I want to touch.
Yours peter