Hello Lovely!

I miss you so much…. I trust you, my love. I trust you with my heart and my soul. I trust you like I have never trusted anyone before I really mean this and I can’t explain this. I guess it is some kind of natural thing when you finally find that perfect partner. These are wonderful feelings! My sunshine, I know that we miss each other greatly and I know it must be as hard for you as it is for me. I miss you…I love you very much. I fall deeper in love with you each day… Have I told you lately of how proud I am of you? How wonderful it is to have such a wonderful and unique man love me.

You ARE my sunshine!!!!!


I hope you don’t get tired of my words to you, I believe I should always tell you sweet thins and call you sweet names. I will always tell you how wonderful you are, always…..

Honey, I have an anecdote for you again-)

A girl comes home from school excited and tells her mom, “I know my alphabet better than anyone else in my class! Is this because I’m blond?”. Her mom replies, “yes”. She comes home the next day after school and exclaims “I know my numbers from one to ten better than anyone in my class! Is this because I’m a blond?”. Her mom replies again, ” Yes”.
The girl comes home the next day and says “I have the biggest breasts in my class! Is this because I’m blond?”. Her mom explains, “No, it’s because you’re 16 years old!”!!!!!!!

OK, By the way I already have found transport agency which will be engaged in registration of my passport for travel abroad! Also I should issue the visa! Please write to me the full home address! You and I are unique people and we should
live in a unique place together. Don’t you think so?

Your best friend and lover forever…